Test Automation

Comprehensive test suites help an organization to make complex and significant changes to their application and release with confidence. We scale and distribute scripts across many environments.
We build robust automated tests for both functional and nonfunctional requirements in the continuous integration and deployment pipeline.

Our Test Automation Practices

  1. Building and supporting test automation using Selenium WebDriver, Java, Groovy and other open-source APIs.
  2. Cross Browser Automation.
  3. Browser Asynchronous operations.
  4. Architect the test code base with enterprise design patterns.
  5. Integration of modules with popular Specification frameworks will help your business requirements documented in the form of test cases.
  6. Test report generation using JUnit, TestNG, Spock, Jasmin(Behavior-Driven JavaScript)
  7. Continuous integration and testing using Jenkins, Hudson, TeamCity

Continuous Integration

Our team process as follows.
  • Automate the build using CI tools and schedule jobs.
  • Keep the build fast and Alert team if it fails.
  • Make the Build to run the automated acceptance tests.
  • Identical production and test environment to provide more reliability.
  • CI tool provides the artifacts. It is easy for anyone to get the latest executable.
  • Build report gives visibility on the tests. Team members can see what’s happening.

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