REST API - Future of SOA

RESTful Architecture is effectively an implementation of Resource-Oriented architecture (ROA).

ROA - is a good fit for Service oriented Architecture (SOA) implementation. Check out KickStartPros approach on RESTful API Design.

  • REST is Resource Based Representation. REST identifies things by JSON or XML & URIs.
  • REST behavior/actions are identified by HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE).
  • Using Uniform Interface Architecture with REST you can decouple Client and Server.
  • Layered System and Cacheable Architecture with REST API gives better performance.

Check out our complete presentation on RESTful API Design ...


The slides give quick introduction into the concepts behind REST, the architecture and RESTful HTTP approach. In SOA, the client and server interact through a fixed interface shared through documentation or an interface description language (IDL) like WSDL.

The (Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State) HATEOAS RESTful API decouples client and server in a way that allows the server functionality to evolve independently into micro services. This will turn your web application API into a good Web citizen.

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